The Exploited suspenden concierto en Madrid por agresion

La banda punk The Exploited tuvo que suspernder el concierto dellpasado 12 de noviembre en Madrid despudes de que 12 desconocidos armados con barras se acercaron a su cantante, Wattie Buchan. Todo sucedio al salir de cenar poco antes de dar comienzo el concierto. Su hermano y batería de la banda, Wullie Buchan también fue partícipe del incidente cuando intentaba socorrer a Wattie. Ambos acabaron en el hospital. No fue nada grave ya que la gira continua.

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Comunicado tras lo ocurrido por parte de the Exploited:
(Wullie, batería y hermano de Wattie)

ok this message is to the fucks who came to the madrid show and attacked wattie from behind with metal bars.

you are fucking morons …not men 12 guys on to one guy how fucking brave.
you tried to kill my brother but you failed you dumb fucks.

you so called anti nazis attacked wattie with no warning or disscusion because you think we are nazis.wattie had his picture taken with some one 20 odd years ago from a band that he didnt even know at the time that picture was taken.

he has had his picture taken with hundreds of people in hundreds of bands.
but because you ball less fucks think that you read some shit on the internet its true
what gives you the right to try and kill some one without you even knowing the true facts.
then after 12 fucks beat wattie ubconciius with bars u ran away like the cowards you are
well we survive and we continue

fucks like you will never stop us doing what we love which is making punk music and playing to real punks not fucking cowards like u twats in madrid

the exploited

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